Consortia Communication training to OSIRIS - Cape Town October 2016

Date of begining / Date de début : 19.10.2016
Date of end / Date de fin : 20.10.2016
Description :

A Consortia comunication training is organized as a side event of the Ruforum biennal week in Cape Town  October 2016.

Consortia, ULP, CRF,IF representatives will be trained to a new feature of OSIRIS : setting thier own Internet Web sites automaticaly fed from OSIRIS' data.

This action card gathers all the relevant documents of this training session.

Follow up / Suivi :

Due to big logistal problem (error in program, bad room booking, poor internet connectivity) the trainning session was cut from 2 half days to 4 hours ..

Only a short part of the planed program could be achieved.

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