Consortia and ULP

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Consortia et ULP created under PAEPARD project and still active

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Lien vers: SahnA
Sustainable Agriculture for Nutrition in Africa (SAHNA)

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Consortia miniWebsites

The small Paepard websites allow consortia or ULPs with OSIRIS collaborative space to publish information about their activities on the Internet. This information comes from a set of communication tools and collaborative work functions that the different members of the consortium use to work remotely asynchronously, to produce the concept note and to design the research project.

On these sites you will find information advantages on the consortium or ULP as well as access to the documents they have produced, their news and events and the description of the activities they carry out.

These mini Websites and workspaces are powered by the OSIRIS (Online System to Improve Relationships by Information Sharing, OSIRIS Open Source software developed for PAEPARD project.