Acronym/Acronyme : liaqat corp (pvt) ltd
Description :
Dear sir,
  • Being private funder/ AgTech ORGANIZATION to small scale farmers since 1975,have innovated AG-TECH SUSTAINABILITY for our funded survival , our R&D/in-house technologies reshaped EU/USA dried processing lines at 20 times less cost, innovated dried processing lines invented, as professional sheets failed to kill food waste, so invented production lines saved/dried process our funded farming. Developed A COMMON DRIED PROCESSING SEASONAL PLANT, in 25/25 villages under food/agri/rural/urban dried processing partnerships for survivals , our commercial ind/future based AG/TECH has been owned by EU/USA universities/research institutes etc and all submitted ABSTRACTS accepted .

OUR original AG/TECH is in a position to start dried processing, 1/3 FOOD LOSS during 2017/18 instead of 2030, at the turnkey basis, all SDGs has been industrialized
We are seeking to transfer our AGTECH to your organization and 9 billion dollars LOSSES may be converted into profit by the application of 10% to our invented in/house dried processing technologies/road maps, our game changing AGTECH is the future of AGRICULTURE. SCIENTIFIC/TECHNOLOGICAL ZERO FOOD LOSS SOLUTIONS HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED PRACTICALLY IN OUR FUNDED FARMING.

It is a matter of fact that our R&D CLUSTERS, INNOVATED every practical value added dried processing solutions at sourcing sites,our 40 years of AG TECH is in a position to give TURN KEY BASIS practical ZERO FOOD LOSS solutions, in any part of FOOD WASTAGE.
Similarly, if 10% of $9.00 Billion is spent on our least cost effective dried processing lines/ROAD MAPS/PRODUCTION SHEETS etc, the 90% of $9.00 Billion may be saved under our ag-tech partnership.
Our DIGITAL FARMING APPLICATIONS/24 HOUR EMERGENCY HELPLINES, also strongly killed FOOD WASTAGE at early stage, being private funder, we provided big technological multiple value added drying solutions to small scale farmers to kill food wastage at sourcing.

Our PRE/POST HARVEST/Digital farming Ag-Tech processing innovated trials training's are also available for application in any part of EU food loss areas.
We also offer PRIVATE/PUBLIC COLLABORATION,  AgTech applications/industrial based dried processing research partnership at scientific/technological practical ground realities and AG/TECH abstracts acceptance are being attached for transfer of AG-TECH to EU for ZERO FOOD WASTE.


Liaqat Ali,


54/Z ST# 9



Physical address/Adresse physique

Street/Rue : 54-z st# 9 peoples colony Gujranwala/Pakistan
Street/Rue : 54-z st# 9 peoples colony Gujranwala/Pakistan
Town/Ville : Gujranwala/Pakistan
Country/Pays : all national provinces of Pakistan
Phone/Téléphone : +923214854343

Postal address/Adresse postale

Street/Rue : 54-z st# 9 peoples colony Gujranwala/Pakistan
Street/Rue : 54-z st# 9 peoples colony Gujranwala/Pakistan
Town/Ville : Gujranwala/Pakistan
Country/Pays : 52250


Details for Head of Institution/Détail responsable
Name/Nom : ali
Phone/Téléphone : 92553407045
Cellphone : +923214854343
Fax : 92554550074
Details for Contact Person/Personne à contacter
Name/Nom : talha saeed
Phone/Téléphone : +923237452268
Cellphone : 923237452268
Fax : 92554550074

Institution detail and legal status/Detail institution et statut légal

Year of establishment/Année de creation : 1975


Mandat : National
ARD Themes/RDA Themes : Plant production/Production végétale, Farming systems/Systèmes agricoles, Technology & Engineering/Technologie et ingénierie, Food technology & human nutrition/Technologie alimentaire et nutrition humaine, Socioeconomics/Socioéconomie
Activities / Activités : Training/Formation, Research/Recherche, Networking/Réseautage, Production, Institution building/