Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society

Description : Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society is into the production, agro- processing and marketing sector. It is a state enacted Humanitarian Organization (NGO) and a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society is a voluntary aid society established in 1970. Services rendered include 1) Food security, 2) Disaster Management, 3) Health and Care, 4) First Aid and 5) Humanitarian Aid. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society has national coverage in Swaziland. Partnerships with other non research stake holders include 1) International Federation of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement in Humanitarian Aid services, 2) Swiss Red Cross in Switzerland, 3) Finnish Red Cross in Finland, 4) FAO, 5) NERCHA and 6) UNICEF. Lessons learnt from the above partnerships include 1) sharing of ideas, resources and strategies enhanced, 2) mapping of activities and 3) duplication minimized. Partnerships with Research stake holders include 1) Government of Swaziland Ministry of Health, 2) Ministry of Agriculture, 3) Ministry of Economic Planning, 4) University of Swaziland and 5) Swaziland Vulnerability Assessment Commission. Lessons learnt from the partnerships above included 1) the sharing of data and analysis enhanced for reference and 2) coordinated planning of activities enhanced. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society has partnerships with a mix of research and non-research stakeholders. These include 1) Swiss Red Cross in Health and Care for three years, 2) Finnish Red Cross in Food Security and Livelihoods for three years, 3) Belgian Red Cross in First Aid, 4) FAO in Conservation Agriculture and 5) NERCHA in NCPs construction. Lessons learnt from partnerships above include 1)  MoUs provide guidelines on the partnership the organization has with partners, 2) partners do comply with the stipulated guidelines and 3) a coordinated endeavour has more impact because efforts are from different parties with diverse resources. Partnerships that Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society consider innovative are 1) Swiss Red Cross, 2) FAO, 3) Finnish Red Cross 4) NERCH and 5) UNICEF. All partnerships had good coordination. Challenges encountered during these partnerships included, 1) some partners released funds very late resulting in delay of implementation of farming activities thus missing the farming season, 2) minimum support to organizational development resulting into the decline of organizational capacity and 3) working with non flexible time frames in the case of late arrival of funding (logistical setbacks). Challenges o managing the mentioned partnerships were 1 managing the challenges required a well designed and detailed proposal; 2 partners require a well managed and capable organization with adequate resources. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society managed t mitigate the mentioned challenges b 1) working with transparency, 2 Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society i well established i Swaziland with offices i all four regions and with committees i most communities, 3 our volunteer network i Swaziland has made i easy for our organization t operate i every part o the country and recruiting i on a daily basis. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society would b interested i having partnerships i the future i the following areas, 1 food security, 2 health and care 3 water and sanitation, 4 first aid, 5 humanitarian aid and 6 disaster management. Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society i interested i participating i the PAEPARD project and would b available t share its experiences. The PAEPARD initiative i relevant t the African region i terms o development because, i will strengthen the coordination o development service providers.

Physical address/Adresse physique

Street/Rue : 104 Dzeliwe Street
Town/Ville : Mbabane
Country/Pays : Swaziland
Phone/Téléphone : 268 404 2532

Postal address/Adresse postale

Street/Rue : P.O.Box 377
Town/Ville : Mbabane
Country/Pays : Swaziland


Details for Head of Institution/Détail responsable
Details for Contact Person/Personne à contacter
Name/Nom : Mr Nkosinathi Gumede, CEO

Institution detail and legal status/Detail institution et statut légal

Year of establishment/Année de creation : 1970


Mandat : National
Activities / Activités : Training/Formation