The European Development Days 2017

Paepard project participed in june to the European developement days with 6 others projects in a shared stand.
The stand consolidates 10 years of knowledge and experience gained from EU-funded projects mainly DG-RTD and DG-Devco. A cluster of six EU-Africa projects will showcase lessons learned and hare a future outlook on how Europe can build and sustain partnerships with Africa and other regions for social and economic development through investments in innovation partnerships that support: - Policy development and engagement â?? PAEPARD, CAAST-Net Plus, Pro Intense Africa and RINEA, - Capacity development for innovate among diverse actors in the agricultural sector â?? PAEPARD and CDAIS, - Information and knowledge exchange among multiple partners to harness and leverage on previous, existing and future initiatives â?? PAEPARD, ERAfrica Initiative, LEAP-Agri.

Reinforcing Africa-EU research and innovation collaboration for development impact

North-South partnerships in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA) make a difference: 7 EU projects share lessons

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Our EDD 2017 stand :

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