Centre de Recherche de voies pour l'epanouissement et l'autonomie /Center for seeking the way to be autonom

Acronym/Acronyme : CERVEAU
Description : Centre de Recherche de voies pour l'epanouissement et l'autonomie /Center for seeking the way to be autonom is a national NGO and a Research institution. Services it renders include investigation of mining and petrol exploitation in Kimpoko, buying of seeds for paysans, providing expertise on the oil production enterprises in Kikwit, livestock projects implementation and distribution of maize crops in old peoples’ homes. The structure of organization (management) consists of the General Assembly - Management steering committee. Partnerships with other non research stake holders are with, 1) UNDP for 1 year. Joint projects implementation/Internal capacity building, the DRC's UN Mission Idem. 2) Human Rights House (Jimmy Carter Foundation’s Project in DRC), for 2 years (experiences sharing in several fields). Lessons learnt from partnerships above include, la lutte contre la pauvreté. apprendre comment devenir libre par l'agriculture. Partnerships with research stake holders are with EQUITAS RDC and RA. Lessons learnt from partnerships include LNAC, ACR Africa and AFIA. Lessons learnt from partnerships from included projects and activities implementation and assessment. Protecting the local population against deforestation and mining exploitation. Partnerships considered innovative are with the Word Food Program and the FAO. Challenges faced in the partnerships were lack of confidence and the lack of budgetary support. Challenges were mitigated by the adherence to national and local networks which supported us normally financially. The organization is interested in participating in PAEPARD project but needs more information on it. CERVEAU is interested in sharing its case studies through CERJI. The PAEPARD initiative relevant for the African region in terms of development. It doesn’t put African partners under the power of those coming from Europe.

Physical address/Adresse physique

Street/Rue : 47 av pumbu BANDAL MOELARD
Town/Ville : basoko
Country/Pays : Democratic Republic of Congo
Phone/Téléphone : 0896914410

Postal address/Adresse postale

Country/Pays : Democratic Republic of Congo


Details for Head of Institution/Détail responsable
Details for Contact Person/Personne à contacter
Name/Nom : NGBOWA LIKUNDJU Jolly/Administration's chief

Institution detail and legal status/Detail institution et statut légal

Year of establishment/Année de creation : 2001


Mandat : National
Activities / Activités : Research/Recherche