Coordinating Assembly of NGOs

Description : The Coordinating Assembly of NGOs is a national non governmental coordinating body established in 1987. Services it renders include coordination, capacity building, policy analysis and advocacy. The structure of the organization is as follows, 1) Executive Director, 2) Programme Manager and Finance Manager and 3) Programme and Finance Staff. The Coordinating Assembly of NGOs has partnerships with other non research stakeholders. These are 1) IDASA based in South Africa. 2) Olive based in Durban. 3) Kellogg Foundation based in New York. 4) Bristol Myers Squib Foundation. 5) Institute of Management and Development based in Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho. 6) Africa Capacity Building Foundation. 7) European Commission. Lesson learnt from the partnerships include mutual respect, transparency, accountability, constant review and reporting, equal partnership and adherence to agreements. Partnerships with research stakeholders are with the University of Swaziland and the University of Natal. Lessons learnt from these partnerships include 1) clarity of research agenda is critical, 2) working closely during design of research build organizations capacity, 3) follow up on assigned institutions to ensure delivery and 4) constant dialogue is critical. Coordinating Assembly of NGOs has formal partnerships with FANRPAN based in Pretoria, KNH based in Germany, SADC CNGO based in Botswana and OSISA based in South Africa. Lessons learnt from partnerships include 1)  MoU serve to clarify relations, 2) compliance with  MoU is critical, 3) when partners provide resources they have the upper hand, and 4) constant and timely reporting enhances the relationship. Partnerships that are considered innovative are the ones with OSISA and ACBF. OSISA – while they are the donor, they work closely with their partners in terms of designing interventions. They are flexible with resources. Hence, resources can be re-directed to address specific needs. ACBF - build capacity of partner through sharing common policies. They also have constant visits and reviews which help address bottlenecks and shortcomings.

Physical address/Adresse physique

Street/Rue : Plot No 419
Street/Rue : JSM Matsebula Street
Town/Ville : Mbabane
Country/Pays : Swaziland
Phone/Téléphone : 268 404 4721

Postal address/Adresse postale

Street/Rue : P.O.Box A67
Street/Rue : Swazi Plaza
Town/Ville : Mbabane
Country/Pays : Swaziland


Details for Head of Institution/Détail responsable
Details for Contact Person/Personne à contacter
Name/Nom : Emmanuel Ndlangamandla Executive Director

Institution detail and legal status/Detail institution et statut légal

Year of establishment/Année de creation : 1987


Mandat : Global
Activities / Activités : Networking/Réseautage