Competitive research funds (CRF)

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FIU Purpose:
Convert concept notes into research proposals and find sustainable sources of funding

21 project proposals funded since 2010

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Four pilot projects were successful in obtaining CRF support to experiment with multi-stakeholder partnerships in different contexts. The projects are:
    • Improvement of Soybean processing technologies in milk and "Afitin" in South and Central Benin (PROSAM). Benign
    • Effects of enriched organic amendments on Trichoderma sp. Applied to market gardening in the sub-Saharan zone (Trichoderma). Burkina Faso
    • Elimination of aflatoxin before and after harvest in waste in the Peanut Value Chain (GNVC) in Malawi and Zambia to improve food and nutrition security for smallholder families ( GNVC). Malawi and Zambia
    • Improved nutritional security and increased incomes by adding value to indigenous vegetables in Eastern and Central Uganda (indigenous vegetables). Uganda

These projects, which began in late 2014, are now in their second year of operation. For some of them, good progress has been made in the production and dissemination of technologies, but also in terms of the functionality of multi-stakeholder partnerships.