Donovan Small

Acronym/Acronyme : Mr
Description : I am the Managing Director of a South African private company Omega 24 (Pty) Ltd and we are involved with community upliftment projects in the Agricultural sector.

I recently attended a conference in Durban, South Africa and was very impressed with the conference as a whole and the various partners.
Please register me with your organisation so that I can keep up with developments within your organisation.

Physical address/Adresse physique

Street/Rue : 85 Salisbury Avenue
Street/Rue : Westville
Town/Ville : Durban
Country/Pays : South Africa
Phone/Téléphone : +27823718961

Postal address/Adresse postale

Street/Rue : PO Box 373, Hyper by the sea
Street/Rue : Durban North
Town/Ville : Durban
Country/Pays : South Africa


Details for Head of Institution/Détail responsable
Name/Nom : Donovan Small
Phone/Téléphone : +27823718961
Cellphone : +27823718961
Details for Contact Person/Personne à contacter

Institution detail and legal status/Detail institution et statut légal

Year of establishment/Année de creation : 2012


ARD Themes/RDA Themes : Plant production/Production végétale, Animal production/Production animale, Farming systems/Systèmes agricoles, Technology & Engineering/Technologie et ingénierie
Activities / Activités : Training/Formation, Production, Institution building/