The incentive funds (IF)

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FI objectives: Translate research needs and identify funding opportunities

20 agricultural innovation facilitators trained
55 concept notes and proposals written

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The Incentive Fund has faced some challenges that have yet to be realized:
  • open calls are restricted to a few countries where PAEPARD does not have a consortium among the 19 eligible for assistance;
  • the setting up of teams for open calls is another challenge since officials are informed of these calls when they are about to be closed;
  • The request for incentive funds must be evaluated by the Independent Peer Review Committee (IPRC). It was a relatively difficult task because the applications are considered throughout the year. It may be difficult to involve IPRC members in the review of each application. However, an endorsement approved by FARA and the EC in November 2015 made it possible to modify the approval process by making it more flexible.