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As per project structure and implementation, activities are organized around four work packages as shown below.

Work Package Communication and Advocacy (C&A)

Aims that
â?¢ African and European stakeholders, including the African Diaspora in Europe, have access to timely and relevant information and are actively engaged in sharing knowledge on ARD partnership opportunities and best practices.
â?¢ Coherence of the EU research and development programmes with MDGs and other African-European common frameworks or agreements are effectively advocated.

Work Package Capacities

Aims to
â?¢ Enhanced capacities of African actors to mobilise, facilitate, participate, lead and evaluate joint multi-stakeholder ARD innovation partnerships with Europe.
This result area aims at supporting stakeholders in the research consortia through facilitation, mentoring and training on managing effective ARD partnerships and innovation networks, articulating innovation needs, research project proposal development, negotiation skills as well as project and financial management. The expected outcome is for African stakeholders to be capable of initiating, mobilizing, facilitating, participating in, leading and evaluating opportunities in African-European partnerships that are responding to their national priorities.

Work package Partnerships

Aims that African-European ARD innovation partnerships, involving or led by relevant non-research stakeholders, initiated and supported / mentored to respond to ARD demands identified

Work package Coordination and Management of the Project

Aims to coordinate the project and the partners