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Acronym/Acronyme : Is a freelance always a freelancer?
Description : What is a freelance?

Definition of freelance and introduction to the motivation that a person can have to become an independent developer.
Usually the image of the freelance is associated with an independent person, who does not want to marry anyone and does not want to be subject to norms or ties in terms of schedules, ways of dressing, etc.
More and more this stereotype is changing to a much more real image, due to the globalization, together with the increase of the power of the computers and the reduction of the necessary costs to be able to work from home that is Contingent Employment(computer, fast connection to Internet, lodging web, etc). The truth is that many people have all the necessary equipment to be a freelance, without even dedicating themselves to it.

As a second point and already speaking from Spain, precarious work for others, "pushes" many people to try their luck and offer their services as a freelance. Getting a first job is quite complicated. As much as you know, you lack the experience of having stuck with a project, with the damn instruction that does not come out -because you have left a space or put single quotes instead of doubles-, etc. With which there are many people who choose to search for projects themselves, or simply appears a friend or acquaintance who needs a website, a small functionality, a tool to store the stock, etc. And, as that friend knows that you master computer science (how dangerous that is) they tell you about it.

With this, you get a first project, which usually lasts for a long time, half of which you use to find information in forums and pages, to answer your questions. After this, you realize that you are capable of taking a project forward and you begin to know your strengths and the areas where you need help. Possibly you need a designer, or a programmer more. This is how you are contacting people to carry out projects, you create your client portfolio and contacts with other people who are dedicated to freelance development, just like you. These contacts are very important because both you and other professionals may need the services of the other, so you can increase your volume of orders and also the workload that you could support if only you were the developer.

After the first project the second one comes out and so on. At this point there are two options. Being registered as a freelancer, collaborating with reliable people for the sections that you do not master, or setting up a company with people who complement your work.

Both options are good, but in this series of articles we are going to dedicate ourselves to the first ones, those that are commercial, designers, programmers, network engineer, telecom engineer andvoice architect. All in one, although there are tasks more or less interesting and better or worse valued. All this will be developed in future articles.

I take this first article to thank all the members and collaborators of and all the webs of this format, participants of forums, that in many cases of disinterested way, solve the doubts of all those that one day we began to have the worm of programming.

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