Capitalization Workshop / Atelier de capitalisation - Cotonou october 2017

Date of begining / Date de début : 02.10.2017
Date of end / Date de fin : 05.10.2017
Description :

2-6 October 2017. Cotonou, Benin.  PAEPARD Capitalization Workshop with partners. 

The workshop was key to the overall evaluation of PAEPARD II, as it encouraged participants to analyse and reflect on their experiences of the AfricanEuropean MSP for ARD processes facilitated by PAEPARD over the last 7 years.

During discussions, the partners reflected on the way forward for PAEPARD activities and the sustainability of its achievements, with recommendations for a potential ‘new era’ and promoting the MSP structure at both policy and ground levels. The main objective of the workshop was to draw specific lessons (both successes and failures) from the ULP, CRF-IF and consortia, which are outlined below.

Other(s) member(s) / Autre(s) participant(s) : Enock Warinda; Richard Awkings, Julia; Laurens; Dominique,Affo Agossou; Mweshi Mukenga
Follow up / Suivi :

This workshop gathered :

Competitive Research Funding: 

  • The Trichoderma sp. biofertilizer consortium in Burkina Faso, involving private sector companies BIOPROTECT and BIOPHYTECH, as well as the NGO Association pour la Recherche et la Formation en Agroécologie (ARFA); 
  • The soybean consortium in Benin, led by the NGO SOJAGNON which has been supporting the processing of soybean-derived products such as milk and Dadonu (a local taste enhancer); 
  • The African indigenous fruit and vegetables (AIFV) consortium in Uganda, which focuses on innovative processes for extending the shelf life of AIFV without degrading their nutritive qualities; 
  • The GnVC consortium also received CRF for a project in Malawi-Zambia led by the National Association of Smallholder Farmers (NASFAM). 
  • The hot pepper consortium in Togo, which supports the exchange of improved seed varieties of hot pepper from Brazil; 
  • The citrus consortium in Ghana, which aims to overcome the fungal Angular Leaf Spot disease and improve postharvest management of citrus fruit; 
  • The poultry feed consortium in Nigeria, addresses the issue of high cost, poor quality poultry feeds in Nigeria with alternative feed ingredients;
  • The potato seed consortium in Burundi, which aims to strengthen the informal potato seed system to improve seed quality.

You can consult below the presentations of each CRF, ULP or WP and the Policy brief made from this workshop.

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