Report : Strenghtening capacity for agricultural research for developement : Collaboration for results

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The paper takes a critical look at two key interventions identified to deliver the PAEPARD capacity strengthening strategy. Firstly, the training of a pool of agricultural innovation facilitators (AIF) to broker relations between relevant stakeholders for the consolidation of effective consortia.

PAEPARD envisaged the role of AIF as to support both the face-to-face and virtual (via skype, email or social media) engagement of partners in capacity strengthening processes.
The second key capacity strengthening intervention examined in this paper, is the instrument of “writeshop” to support consortia to produce “bankable” proposals in response to identified funding opportunities.

In assessing the merits and limitations of these interventions, among other capacity strengthening activities promoted by PAEPARD, the paper highlights that capacity strengthening should be understood as an iterative process, which must be able to adapt
to the changing needs of partnerships as they develop. To conclude, the paper presents the primary lessons learned from the challenges and successes of PAEPARD capacity strengthening interventions, which will inform future ARD initiatives and funding

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